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Stock Power Form Section A: Current Owner Information A new form is needed for each account and company of stock you are transferring. 1. FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned does (do) hereby sell,
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. For each name(s), address(BS), telephone number(s), and date of birth(IES) on your account, enter the name and address of the person taking (not selling) it, followed by “(Address)/” Current Name(s) and Address on Account Section B: Valued Section C: Amount You are transferring to the party being sold, (don't omit a “)” 2. You have received 4, of stock on February 5, 2014, in the amount of (don't include a comma): (Don't enter the full amount here.) (Enter the figure in square brackets.) 2. Amounts above 4, will be transferred to a different account (, from stock to another company). (Enter the amount in square brackets.) 3. The following is a list of assets sold to the value received on your account: (Don't include a “") (Don't enter the full amount here.
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Good morning everyone good morning welcome to live trading action buy in the money stocks today is September 21st 2016 my name is Nick Santiago thank you all for tuning in today alright the emails have been fast they've been furious, but everybody's been asking for it where is Wells Fargo going, so I got the calculator out, and we did a little math, and it looks like if you take a look at the stock today it is getting hit trading down about 92 cents to 45 dollars and 66 cents a share you can see the stock put in a pretty good peak here on September 1st and really has been trading down ever since the news hit that Wells Fargo's employees and the upper management were really rigging the game a little opening accounts that nobody wanted, and you could check out the news for yourself I'm not going to get into that what I care about here is the technical picture where is the stock going so what I did was I went to the weekly chart and once you go to the weekly chart you kind of shorten up the horizon you get a different little picture and perspective and right now you can see Wells Fargo's challenging these lows well my prediction is that these lows get taken out so again if you're looking to buy Wells Fargo at the double bottom or triple bottom area at around 44 50 look lower on the charts this stock has more problems ahead I don't know what's going to come out, but we'll see but where you do want to own this stock is going to be right here around the 42 dollar level 42 is where you can get interested in Wells that tells me all the bad news is out of the name and once we get there that's where we look for a bottom let me show you what happened here technically if you take a look here what you're going to see is that the stock tried to break out of this old pivot it failed it came back and this is where it had a complete reversal month when anytime you get a reversal month like that you're usually going to go down lower but what did the stock do it rallied back up in 2013 and made new highs that tells me this is where the institutions that are going to support the stock this is where they're hiding out, and they're waiting for the stock to get down to that level so when Wells Fargo gets down to around 42 bucks that's where I'll be stepping in on the long side to own this if you want to trade this and other equities along with me come on overtake a seven-day free trial to our research center you'll get all of our chart setups you'll get our cycle work you'll get all of our content, and you'll receive our no hype live broadcasts which allow members to come in and ask us questions about anything stock market related we hold those broadcasts twice a week for members, so again it's all online and that is all part of the research center so if you're looking to trade alongside of us come take the seven-day free trial to the Research Center I'll cover a Wells Fargo and a lot more in the meantime let Wells Fargo trade down all the way to that fifty to...
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